Iced Coffee Collection

  • 12 Photo Filters aka Lightroom Presets Infinitely Adjustable and Usable
  • Usable on Mobile and Computer
  • Compatible on Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic (version free on mobile but paid on desktop)
  • Instant download!

1. After your paymentyou will receive an email with the link of files to download (check your spam if you don't see the email arrive within 3 minutes)

2. All installation tutorials on mobile or computer on my instagram account: @creative.kits or on our website in the tab tutorial! (Less than 3 minutes installation time)

Americano, Cappuccino, Chai latte, Espresso, Frappuccino, Ginger latte, Hot chocolate, Macchiato, Matcha latte, Mocaccino, Ristretto and Rooibos
Andreia F.
My favorite filter, chai latte from the iced coffee collection. I use it for all my photos, whether indoors, outdoors, selfies and the result is always so beautiful!
Jacinte A.
The rendering is superb!
Ludyvine B.
I tested several filters and honestly they are the best they bring clarity to the image without distorting it and embellishing it. I approve 1000%
Emma B.
With the Nude filter I really like each of the filters
Emma D.
Beautiful work, I feel better, I finally found a theme that suits me.. thank you a lot ❤️
A rather nice discovery, a big time saver!
Anna Y.
Just sublime I love these preserts I have almost all the collections ❤️
Anais F.
I love the set of presets I got. I am completely redoing my Instagram and I can revamp it serenely! I love
Lorène M.
Never disappointed with Justine's presets! Always a magnificent rendering on our photos
Gwenaelle G.
Something to embellish certain photos. I don't regret my purchase at all
Joséphine V.
An effect as we like them, they bring style to the photo and make it unique :)
Marie-Ange L.
I was looking for slightly more professional filters to have a nice rendering on the photos and I found this site which is just INCREDIBLE! The filters are beautiful, I have the Iced Coffee and Autumn/Winter pack, I'm a total fan Thanks again for the great job.
Laura S.
I only use this Preset for my Instagram feed, I find it very sweet and I don't regret my purchase!
Clara M.
Thank you very much! After several attempts... I finally found my happiness! Quality presets!
Laëtitia P.
I love it, I use the "hot chocolate" preset
Delphine L.
I am totally won over by these presets. All the photos look much more "pro" and bring real consistency to the news feed. I'm a fan!
Corentin F.
Very high quality!
Carolane D.
Very satisfied with the presets, it really changes everything about my photos and I finally have a harmonious feed!
Ophélie R.
So happy with the 2 presets purchased, easy to download and use, I'm faaaan A new insta feed will therefore appear on my profile thanks to you Justine
Justine's presets are real little nuggets! No matter what photo I take, there is always necessarily one that fits perfectly. So if you still hesitate, go for it!
Emma B.
Fan of these presets I used the hot chocolate filter on this photo
Ysaline B .
Such a fan of Justine's filters and story templates! They are all tastefully done, really brings a professional touch to the photos. In short, I love it, I recommend it 100%!
Cassandra C.
I'm so very happy with this filter kit! Wow really I can finally post all my photos without worrying about colors I used the Americano in this photo ♥️
Justyne W.
My favorite collection, I love it, I can't get enough of it! It gives a real cachet to my photos. I looooove
Ewelina M.
Love love looooove this filter, they are really beautiful, I love it! Moccacino filter that I used on this photo
Élodie H.
I don't regret these presets at all. A wide choice suitable for all seasons, a preset that I chose elsewhere. I have something to make my photos beautiful. I recommend +++
Elsa a.
Super hot filters I'm fans fans go for it girls
Orlane M.
The presets are more sublime than the others my feed is great thanks to the presets I recommend @orlanemds
Ophelie C.
I love all these filters!
Laurine E.
So won over Justine's presets that I bought them all... So practical, with pretty colors, they make an entire photo more beautiful.
Aurélie L.
I am totally a fan of the products. I have already ordered 3x and I think that until I have all the collections I will continue